Our Mission

The Prison Show is a live radio program airing Fridays at 9pm Central Time on KPFT FM 90.1 Houston, streaming at www.kpft.org.

David Collingsworth is our Producer, Hank Lamb is our host, and the chief engineer is Frank Dewey.

Ex-con and gay activist Ray Hill founded "The Prison Show" on Houston’s KPFT 90.1 FM in 1980; and every week since, the show has connected Texas prison inmates with their loved-ones and friends on the outside who cannot easily call or visit. Ray produced and hosted it for three decades and remains involved as a trusted advisor today.

The Prison Show Gang is a motley crew of ex-offenders, teachers, professors, lawyers, chaplains, activists, ex-politicos, male and female who see the error in the current prison system and the worth of the American people lost... but still not forgotten inside. In the first hour of our show we discuss issues of interest to convicts. The second hour features shout-outs from family and friends in the free world to their loved ones behind bars.

Lobbying by The Prison Show was instrumental in persuading the Texas Legislature to approve the installation of prison payphones for convicts in 2007. Texas was the last state to do so.

In 2015 The Prison Show marched on Washington D.C. with a cohort of other advocates to convince President Barack Obama to Ban the Box and initiate Fair Hiring Practices at the federal government.

The Prison Show has through their staff brought together Pacifica Radio, Texas Inmate Families Association, End Mass Incarceration Houston, Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, Texas Coalition To Abolish The Death Penalty, The Carter Firm P.C., International Prisoner's Family Conference, Odyssey House Texas, and many more local businesses, churches, and organizations who's target audience are the guys and gals inside the walls of our prison system.